• Meeting your goals is so much easier when you love what’s on your plate. 

  • Eating better shouldn't be an extra step. We believe it should fit into your existing menu seamlessly. 

  • Nothing wrong with enjoying food you love!  With less net carbs and fewer calories, we help you stick to your goals.

“My greatest passion in life is feeding people.”

As I’ve moved through life and added a couple kids to the mix, I’ve noticed that I have to eat differently to feel full of energy and not gain unwanted lbs. When I have to avoid the foods I enjoy the most, it feels like the joy that I’ve always found in great food is being taken away from me. So, I’m on a mission to reimagine foods that I love but have found myself avoiding. Carbe Diem! is my reinvention of those foods, giving you and me both a new option to fuel our bodies and bring joy back to food. Our team is backed by General Mills' new venture studio, giving us the opportunity to grow and bring the products we develop to life.

—Katey, founder, chef & food entrepreneur