• Meeting your goals is so much easier when you love what’s on your plate. 

  • Eating better shouldn't be an extra step. We believe it should fit into your existing menu seamlessly. 

  • With less net carbs and fewer calories, we help you stick to your goals.

"Hi there! I'm Katey, founder of Carbe Diem and lover of all things delicious. Like so many people I've talked to, I've felt I needed to limit the amount of those carb heavy foods I loved for far too long. I thought I needed to either eat "what was good for me" or eat what I was craving, but I couldn't have both. We're here to change that. Carbe Diem is my reinvention of the those foods we all love, giving us both back a version that both fuels our bodies and allows us the freedom to truly enjoy what we're eating. Our team is backed by General Mills' new venture studio, giving us the opportunity to grow and bring the products we develop to life."

—Katey, Founder, Chef & Food Entrepreneur