• - William

    "I know what's for dinner tonight! Thank you, I don't have to eat chick pea or red lentil pasta ever again!l! I love gluten!!! (Smart Carbe Diem.. I applaud you... may not be for everyone, but you solved the problem!!! At least for me and many of my peers!!!)"

  • - Heidi

    “Holy cow!!! I absolutely despise pasta alternatives. This pasta is a GAME CHANGER! It tastes exactly like "regular" pasta. It is delicious. I am a convert for life. Seriously, try it. You will be amazed."

  • – Sarah R

    “I thought it tasted really good. My family would definitely eat it and not know the difference. And I like that is a healthier version of pasta.”

  • - Erica

    “...this is like a magic pill. This is amazing, right? Like, I don't really have to give anything up or portion control... I can still make a super convenient meal but feel better about it."

  • - Andrew

    “When the product quality is really that good, WHY use the cheap crap that puts you in the position to have to lose weight instead of use this."

  • - Jane

    "Taste is yummaclicious! I love having pasta again!!”

  • - Learne

    "I love it! The texture is a bit firmer which is al dente. Just the way I like it! Great product”

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