The Story of Carbe Diem: A True Romance

Our story is simple: We Love Pasta. From nostalgic home-cooked meals to the latest trending recipes (avocado pasta, anyone?), pasta is a staple in our memories and minds.

But we knew that pasta in its current form wasn’t right for us. Sure, we could have switched to veggie noodles or skipped the carbonara altogether, but that wasn’t what we wanted to do.

So, we found a team of like-minded pasta lovers. We spent months crafting a high-fiber pasta that cut down on the total net carbs without compromising on taste. Now, we eat Carbe Diem noodles and shout from the rooftops.

It’s a true joy to bring our low-net-carb pasta to homes across the country. Here’s to your favorite homemade sauce your family has enjoyed for generations. Here’s to being the hero of your next picnic or potluck. And most importantly, here’s to doing what’s right for you. We’re honored to be a small (and delicious part of it).

Pasta Is Back On The Menu

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